What you do when the storm is coming?

“Once upon a time…there was a girl. She was full of energy and dreams. She had big black eyes and sun burned lips all the time. Her hair was short, her skin was brown and she was barefooted addict. But she was growing up!

Her hair was longer and she had sandals to protect her little legs. More normal they said…She was smart at school and a good football player♥. She was strong and she trusted herself so much. But she was afraid of storms! That was her secret…she can’t be weak and talk about it.

Now she has long gold hair, soft lips in pink shades. Now she wears high heels and her skin is like cappuccino. She is still smart and full of life, she is involved and strong, but she’s still afraid of storms! 

But now she knows…that, when the storm is coming she has to face it. No mother to protect her around, no songs to make the storm pass, no bed she can fit under,  no book in pink and purple fonts to make her calm. But now, she stays in front of the window and she looks to lightnings with peace in her soul. She is afraid, so afraid…but in love with the beauty a storm offers. She will be afraid forever…but she will look every time on the window. She will stay in rain and she will walk barefooted. Sooo afraid to do it…but she will!”

The storm will eventually come, you can run from it…or face it how you can! You can pretend  you are not afraid…or you can enjoy the beauty of it even you are terrified. ∴

What you will do, when the next storm will come? Please choose to dance in the rain…

With love,

 Ioana    onlinelogomaker-070516-1519

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