Monday desert!

Again Monday! Again I know where you are!                                                 

“I know you are in that hot place where you feel your heart beating through your chest, I know… I know you are thirsty and all your skin is brown…and is not easy to find water. I know that you have nothing to make shadow for your tired body. I know you walk barefooted and the heat of the sand is killing you…

I put you in that Desert and you suffer so much. I can’t help you as I want, I can’ t give you water and shadow, but I can be the point you want to get! This is better, trust me! I know you have the power to walk through Desert, I know you! I will wait for you…

But not just wait! I will walk also in your way…Yes I am not scared of sun, sand, brown skin and no water…I have to make your road shorter…And I will do it. My desire is bigger than my fear, so is yours! ∞


A road in two is easier even in Desert! Where the day is torture and the night is jail. Even there you can find that amazing oasis, with blue water and infinite palm trees.  Even there people survive. We will walk one to other, alone…but we do that with a reason: we do that to be able to walk hand in hand after. We will go to that oasis…no matter how hard it is.

We will win the fight with the desert, because this desert is not also in our souls, is just that something we walk on.

So please walk…step by step…I will be on that road also. If you look better you can see me! I am not a hallucination you have from long tough days, I am the point you want to get, and I am coming closer.

Maybe this Monday you are in Desert, maybe next one also…but I know that one Monday you will find the oasis. Even I will not be there, I know you will find the oasis!  “

Desert ♥

With love,



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