Blogger Recognition Award…

Well, well…this week I had been nominated by Fernanda ♥ for this nice Award. Thank you dear and I am sorry to write about this a little late 🙂 blogger recognition award

My Journey:

⇒ One day I wake up and I was thinking that doing a blog…will be a nice idea. Maybe it sounds like a retarded person is talking, but I started my blog for ME. I enjoy writing and expressing myself, and the best of doing that was….well: blogging! In the first day I was mad because I didn’t knew anything…just to type, and so I did. After a while I started to find other sites and started to read. Now I read more posts than I read books. I’m a young blogger, that learns every day and writes with passion. This blog is like a happiness pill for me 🙂 I write what I think, live and I do it in my own way. I don’t have rules or limits, it is a piece of me now. And I want to Thank you! You, the follower and reader of my words, for the time you give to me…nice gift 🙂

My advice:

⇒ For all the bloggers in the world I just want to say: Write with feelings! Put in your story emotions and time. Don’t write for views or to please people. Write first for you…and the suitable people will read what you write because they find something there…something that makes them think about life and living. Be involved and happy…we are bloggers 😛 And…eat ice cream, chocolate and drink wine for the late night posts, helps a lot!

My nominees:

Alina go girl! 😀

My promise: Extra♥

“I will write with feelings, true… and I will do it not because you read it also, but because you feel it also! With love…Ioana!”

With love,



9 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award…

  1. Congrats Ioana! 😄
    I loved your post and the you explaining you’re doing this for you, not pleasing anyone else but you, pouring a piece of you in every part of it. I think I do the same, I find myself reading more posts than books! 😮
    Also, loved your advice, chocolate and ice cream just round up a good advice! 💛


    1. Ha ha…yes chocolate solvea a lot. Thank you Fernanda for the nice words as usual. For me blogging is more then words…to you and everyone that reads it …i have to do more then words; but most of all…for me! Kisses and keep sharing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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