Clouds Hunter!

Look up! Look up to the clouds!...

So pure, so fluffy, so glamorous, so this and that also….:D

I have bad days (you have them also), I have times when I feel lost and empty, I have days when nothing is how it supposed to be, I have happy days, I have peaceful days…and a lot of other days. But every time I have to take a break, to breath in…breath out, the best way I can do that is: looking up! ♥

I look up to say: “Thank you, Fuck off, nice weather, I miss you, where should I go?, etc.”  I look up to the sky, to the clouds, and beyond. I search peace and somewhere up in the clouds and their shapes, I find it! No matter how dark my face is and no matter how dry my soul is…I look up, breath air…..close my eyes…and breath out! I call it sky therapy  and is the best therapy ever, also free. 😀

I get energy from the clouds, I get peace. Maybe I want a connection or need it. Maybe I like the feeling that I get by looking up…Maybe I like what I think is behind the clouds…or maybe I think about what is under. Sky is an amazing limit and a beautiful infinite! Clouds are the face of it! 

So make time, and look up! Look up to see better days and get better feelings, look up and stop thinking about your job, your mom, money, problems, and who the fuck is eating your office cookies...just look up….and stop for a second…stop time….close your eyes…breath in-breath out….open your eyes, and go ON!

So yes…I will hunt Clouds, I will hunt emotions, I will hunt better days…not looking down, but up! I will look up! 

How is your sky today? It better be visible to you! 🙂

With love,




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