Please Forgive me!

These days come also…and they should come!

We do things, we say words, we write letters all day. We fight, we are mad and we say bad words, words that cut like a sharp knife. We do also things that make people around us sad, or crazy or to feel broken. We do all of it…with or without intention, with or without planning it, we just do it. It is normal we say, and somehow it is. It is normal and human to be mad, and to do that on people also. But it is normal to say I am sorry after!

I said a lot of bad things till now, I did a lot of bullshit, I was mad, angry and evil a lot of times. I said words with hate to people I loved and I did bad things to people because I was feeling mad on myself. Yes I am not a saint and I will never be one. But I said Sorry also, I apologized, and I asked for forgiveness. I did, but not all the time, and not for all the things.

Today I will do that. I will make a step, maybe little maybe big, but I will make it. Maybe not directly, maybe not for them…but for me…trough me!1d56f30c4f3501caec66909c9002fae1

My friends, that are not here anymore: I am sorry to leave you behind and going forward, I had to. Our paths are not the same, maybe they ware someday, but not anymore.

My fake friends, that never been here 🙂 I am glad I meet you and just that. I am sorry I couldn’t help you being real and give yourself some trust.

My close friends: No matter what I will always be there for you. I will sing, drink, cry and run away with you. I will push you when you are tired and dance with you in the rain.

My family: Maybe not the perfect daughter or sister (important), maybe not the perfect human, but the perfect fighter. Maybe to much kilometers but not distance. Maybe few days but a lot of smiles.

My Person: I should say Please forgive me! every fucking day. For what I can’t do and for what I can’t say. I should say Please forgive me! for long days and dark nights, for empty house and for rainy days, for no perfume around, for shadow skin kisses and no dates. I ask forgiveness for  today, for tomorrow, but not for always. Always count on me, I will run to you, I will come back every time,  I will learn you to dance and I will “breath out” for you. I will do more and better…I am and will be!

Myself: Being too much, or to little. Loving time and still wasting it. Hating  distance, space, phones, and still doing it. Not being so strong and so powerful…but being me. To not forgive and not forget sometimes, but to try. To hate, love, deep feelings or no feelings.

To all the people I hurt: No matter the reason, just forgive me!

It was forgiveness day these days also, so maybe you have also something to say 🙂 Be Happy! 🙂

Please forgive me
I know not what I do.
Please forgive me
I can’t stop lovin’ you
Don’t deny me.
This pain I’m going through…
Please forgive me if I need you like I do.
Please believe me.
Every word I say is true…
Please forgive me
I can’t stop loving you

With love, 



4 thoughts on “Please Forgive me!

  1. I totally agree that forgiveness is actually a gift we give ourselves.

    I once tried to keep a list of people who had hurt me. It kept growing.

    Finally, I came across the commandment of forgiveness and it felt wrong at first but I obeyed anyway.

    Then I happily deleted my evil list of retribution and thanked God for setting me free.

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    1. I was wrong so much times also. I was bad sometimes also, so I wished that I can be forgiven. Not because is normal…but because I deserve it. So now…after I am mad, crazy on someone…I decide to go over it and forgive it. People deserve forgiveness or not, but is healthier to forgive and go. For you…
      Having peace and being in peace is so hard, but at least we can try.
      Thank you so much for every word 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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