“I don’t know” List !

Lately I get in weird situations. What I mean? Well things I used to say they are not for me, now I discover  they are 🙂 Weird…weird…for a “To do/ Not do” list girl. I don’t say I respected the lists always 😀 but I made them!

Well here we go…Today I make a list of something, I called it as you can see: “I don’t know” List! The easy pizy  list it has no rules, just write what you want to do, or not, or think…but write it to make yourself spent time…as you should: being alive!


My  “I don’t know” list, for now!

  • Make Brownie Ice cream (Mc Brownie was soooo good, but fuckers got it out, so I have to make it…ohhh we, not me! )
  • Have a serious discussion with the man about the future! (I have to, and I want to, don’t run, don’t make big eyes….just talk…no write! talk!)
  • Make Shaorma (with good things, like a healthy one), get kisses on the shoulder for cooking, and red wine for washing the dishes.
  • Drink cold beer at the pool, with baby.
  • Get dizzy in two…at a lake bar, with Hugo 🙂
  • Talk about Car business (he said: write down!)…yes Sir! I do!
  • Walk barefooted on that wet grass in the park.
  • Read a new blog on Saturday and be lazy till noon.
  • Learn new words.
  • Buy nice shoes or nice dress…it is summer.
  • Dance, dance, dance….:D

Well that is for now. I can add after…my rules. 😛 What is your next list to do? It is about freedom? I hope it is 🙂

With love,



9 thoughts on ““I don’t know” List !

  1. My next to-do is scary. I’m going to teach English and Computer Science to the school that produced founders of most horrible terrorist organizations of the world.

    Will need God AND his Son and all the angels to overcome the evil that lurks there.

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    1. Maybe is a challenge 🙂 actually I am sure it is. But being smart is also a every day challenge and for sure you can do the daily routine in a way that you can be proud on 🙂
      And the best to do list are scary.
      You should write more about understanding emotions, because from what I read it seems that you understand that very good, so I thing a bit philosophical description of your daily emotions will be so nice to read.
      Thank you Berni, for the time you spent reading my words. Kisses

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      1. Thank you. I’ll surely need your blessing. They may not only be interested in my English & Computer skills but whether I’m a good Muslim or not.

        I’m not because I don’t prayers in public nor like to bow to Kaba, their stone idol.

        I’m a Christian convert and keep it secret, no show off but if they knew, then it’s a capital crime.

        You find that enjoyable? It is, for the audience.

        But about the one whose neck is at risk?


      2. Risks has to be taken when you know they deresve the way you choose. Everyone can choose. This is what makes the difference betwen us. Take care and think good and positive. 🙂


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