You got me naked!?

Do you remember the last time you’ve been naked? Naked and pure, naked and strong, naked with no aim, just naked?

Do you remember the last person or the only person that makes you undress?  I hope you do, and I hope you get undress more then you think you can.

Think about it: Clothes represent  all the things we use to protect or hide our bodies. We do that because we don’t want anyone to see us, like actually see. But there are also persons, blind. No matter how much skin they see…is for nothing, they still see clothes.self nakedBut I am not tanking about all dressed up persons, I am talking about You being NAKED. So when was the last time? The last time you said things straight up? the last time you didn’t feel good and said it? the last time you have talked for hours with him/her and cried and laugh without being scared of judgement? Say, when you had the last pure feelings for someone? Come on say, when you’ve been naked next to a naked person and felt like warm and safe?

If you can say: “This week” / “Not long ago”, that means you are so happy and lucky 😀 You have fund it…the NAKED ME GALAXY!  If you say: “Really, when?” That means you are empty or lost in the average fake smile, but not lost!

Don’t dress up and hide! Be naked! Be naked with yourself and look for the one you can be naked with! 

We come here naked, literally and figuratively. We get to be naked so rarely…and fake and dressed up all the time. Look yourself in the mirror, what you see? Do you see what you wear? Pink, red or black? But do you see also the naked you? The things you are made of? The thinking, the power or the weakness, the good days or the bad days, the touch of every important person in your life? Do you see mad you, or happy you? Do you see the kid back then or the nice person now? Do you see your best friend even he has left long time ago, maybe too early? Do you see passion and love, sad moments and pure gold hugs? Look at YOU! She can look also! He can look also!

It is all about you…Naked or all dressed up? 

With love,



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