Can I say something? Can I say that today, this Wednesday I feel alone .

Somewhere, somehow, I always been alone, we all are. I was not scared or bordered about that, because I had myself, I still have myself. But now, today, I feel lonely.

Alive iamioana

I didn’t had this feeling in a time, because I didn’t allowed also. I was strong alone, good and happy. Now, exactly now…I feel like no one is alive in miles, just me! And I think, that is human, it is normal, it is good…to breathe out all the bad feelings. I am allowed to do that, I am allowed to be sad today. I don t have to explain myself why?  I have the right to be sad…because I am and I feel alone.

It is not a break down, it is a way I go forward! I do it for years! From time to time, I get free and I am sad! I need to do that, I want to do that, so I can be able to be happy in the rest of the time, so I can be happy with myself.

After all, no one can make you happy if you are not able to do that for yourself. It is important to do whatever you need, to get your shit together when your world is falling apart. Mine just got back together! 🙂

Dear reader,

I know is hard to be weak, it is hard to admit when you can’t stay up, it is hard to cry. But do it! The next day will be better, I can promise that! You build the life you want to have, the one you live it now.  Make it full of emotions. 


Do you want to say something also? Go ahead…say it. And after you can take a new breath, a better one. Exhale! – Inhale!

With love, 



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