What is this? What is UNDERSTANDING? How can I do that? For what I should do that?

Back in the days my understanding was in two ways: Full or at all! There were things I was able to understand and things that I was firstly analyze, and secondly rejecting them forever. I make myself like this and it was good for a time. Now I can say I am the same: Black or white! But the rejecting forever part changed a little. 

Time has showed me that to understand, you need to give something back! That something I talk about is in most of cases: TIME. You know what I mean right?

How many times you realized that  now you can do things different? How many times you realized tomorrow can be today?  How many times you think that was better to do things in other way? How many times you will do a mistake the exactly fucking way? How many times, you will need! How many time you will need to realize that understanding is not about others, it is about you!

It will take you a whole life to understand yourself, that is the problem! Understanding others can be easy, but understanding YOU, is a full-time job!

Understanding quotes       learn quotes

Maybe you will lose your understanding from time to time, maybe you will not want it sometimes, maybe you will ask for it and work for it in some days, no matter. You are human, not alien! 🙂 You can be bad also! Yes you can have bad days! You can understand or you will not! Try to live also, in the same time you try to understand yourself, or others.

Understand also the negative sides in you and others, accept it, improve it, don’t hide it, just try! Just try to change a little, so you can sleep better.

Make a “I don’t want to understand” list, where you can put your hate memories, those stupid people that disappointed you, those grey days, that coward father, that crazy boyfriend/girlfriend,  your sadness tears and bad chocolate brands. Put there whatever you want, whatever you need.   Put it there, and fucking move on!

You have one life, one short life, understand things you can’t understand, understand things you don’t want to understand, and understand why you should live future and take help from past. Be smart use time, for time!

Maybe today I can’t understand you…but tomorrow I will understand why!

With love,




9 thoughts on “Understanding!?

  1. danielsykes716

    Understanding needs our wisdom’s locked within our faith, appreciation of such facts that we negotiate. Our terms we learn upon our needs arisen in our chore, inside our efforts we will find the lessons we implore.

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      1. danielsykes716

        Yes such as we should be open freely to communicate such friendships bound to courtesy in recognition with acceptance of other peoples wishes and ideas with the same thoughtful manner asked for in our own preference to see we are all happy. Thank you for your comment *

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