Feed the soul!

When I was just a little girl, I was dreaming to marry and have two boys till 27. I don’t know why and I don’t remember if I knew what 27 means. I didn’t think about having money or a big house and an expensive car, just two  boys (1 husband, 1 baby boy).

Time has passed by, and now I changed my way of thinking, but not radical. Now I know and see that the material part is important too, but I still dream about my two Boys. I know that a real man is not easy to find and that a real man needs time also.

You will say that you have your dream also, and it is similar to mine (a dream). You don’t feed your ego, you feed your soul also. But it is really like that?  Maybe we grow and this time changed our dreams. Maybe we get lost in the average commune dream. Maybe we become stupid, or smart, or lazy, or mad, or egoist …we change…we forget. We follow things we believe makes us happy, we run away from people, we are scared to be alone, we are scared to be with someone. We love things and we like people. We do it all wrong!!!

I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna cry and eat ice cream, I wanna help and laugh like a crazy person. I want to smile in morning and hug in evening, I want feelings, emotions. I don’t want to go to the mall, I don’t want to sleep with a boring and cold man in our bed. I want to deserve and to be deserved.  Maybe I will die alone, or maybe I will have my dream after all.

It is all about me, not about faith or luck. It is about me! I will fight to feed my soul, and from time to time starve my ego. I want to be alive. Maybe I will do it good, maybe I will do it bad, but I want to do it…

My friend, you have a dream also? I am sure you have…fight for it, do it…make it special. 🙂 Take the hard way…it is always the best!

With love,




Enjoy this amazing song 😛


10 thoughts on “Feed the soul!

  1. Yes! I feed my soul everyday. It’s a wonderful feeling, and oh so refreshing. I’m old enough to have dreamed, and lived many of my dreams. Now I know that I have enough, and live on lifting others. It too is a refreshing feeling!


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