About “the dream”

 My challenge this Wednesday #WeeklyWednesdayPrompt,  

“Dream – Write something inspired by a recent dream you had… good, funny or a scary dream… just write.”

Somehow this is really a challenge for me, because I usually don’t  dream (or don’t remember). I do it rare and is a bit fearful I can say. My 99 % dreams are so deep and when I open my eyes I think they were real. My skin is all bumps, I am feeling could and threaten.

My last dream was I think one mouth and half ago. The day of the dream, was a special day for me, with a lot of emotions and different moods. That special day you can’t really describe in words. 🙂


“I was going up with a elevator! The elevator was a new one, but I could feel every centimeter he was making up, every soft sound the safety rope was doing. I was not alone. Someone was in my back and had a hand on my shoulder to encourage me and make me fell safe and calm. That hand was familiar for me in my dream, I didn’t looked back to see who it is, because i knew. My heart was beating so  hard and I was full of feelings. I knew that when the elevator stops I have to get out of it and do some big things, things that scared me. (In real life I hate elevators also). I was scared of the elevator, so I was waiting to go as fast as possible out of it, but at the same time I was scared to get out of it.

When the elevator changed the speed and slowly stopped… my eyes were looking desperately to the same point where I knew the door will let me see what is outside. My first image, a lot of light, a smell of wind, a bit of cold breeze, and perfectly blue water over my legs. My skin was bright and brown, and my foot nails red. As my look goes up I see a shadow, a man shadow. I didn’t see a face, but it was tall and gave me a safety feeling. He was reaching out his hand to me. A big and strong hand, and I was looking like an obsessed person to it. I was looking to that hand…and up to see a face…but nothing! “

I woke up, questionably and  weird! Since then I wait to dream the next steps. Will I get out of the elevator? Will I give my hand to that stranger? Will that person that was with me inside the elevator will do something? Will I see a face?

Life is full of surprises and maybe sometimes your dreams will continue in real life. Maybe in real life you can do the things you didn’t had time to do in your dreams. Maybe you don’t need a hand, or maybe you have it already. Maybe “that dream” is not just a dream…

With love,


P.S. Do you believe in dreams?



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