Images with feelings!

I always put on paper or blank pages words with emotions. Today I will put on this blank page, images that I found on the internet with woman portrait all over the world.

From the facial expression I will try to write the kind of feeling they pass to me. You are welcome to write different opinions on pictures.

It is amazing how our faces say things we want to say or don’t. I found it very interesting, I found it as a challenge and a blessing, to be able to see and offer emotions straightforward on face.


African: hate&contempt
Iran: Intrigue&grief,sorrow
Iraq: Fear&vulnerability
Tibet:Fear&pure, diffidence
Turkish: Strength&submission
Vietnam:Happiness&bliss, innocence
Kurdish: disregard&power,apathy

I my opinion, a face is a map…a map of feelings and experiences. You have to make your map colored and  human, don’t let it grey and dry. You just need to open your soul and feel…and we will see that on your face! Riduri cu sentimente!

With love,





One thought on “Images with feelings!

  1. These are wonderful images you have chosen. I especially like the little girl’s facial expression. She doesn’t appear to be modeling. She seems excited, pleasantly surprised, and happy. I can only guess what she’s experiencing, but whatever it is, can be read all over her face.

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