Cine m-a facut om mare?

RO: Exact cum spune songu’: “Cine m-a facut om mare? Nu m-a intrebat…”

Vreau sa stiu DE CE? DE CE sunt om mare? Poate nu vreau, chiar nu vreau! Serios acum stiu ca nu poti pune pauza in viata si sa traiesti la infinit unele perioade, dar cum fac sa ma duc putin putin inapoi?

Hai te rog Doamne, o zi, o zi …atat vreau sa mai alerg cu picioarele goale prin iarba, sa cad din nucul batran de la poarta si sa primesc pupicul de la mami cand ma intoarc acasa plina de noroi. Vreau sa merg la furat de cirese si sa beau lapte cu spuma. Nu cer mult serios! Cat sunt 24 de ore? Hai serios…vreau inapoi.

Dar, apoi stau si ma gandesc: Ia stai putin, zilele trecute mergeam desculta prin parc cu sandalele in mana (astia din Bucuresti se uitau putin ciudat), iar acum ceva timp m-am urcat in blestematul ala de pom si am cazut ca prostanaca (nu imi amintesc ce imi doaream sa fac), si in weekend am fost la bunica… avea lapte cu spuma (special cerut de la vecini pentru noi), am mancat si cirese de undeva din Focsani furate de altii…dar furate 🙂

Deci cumva, pe undeva…adun minute…si le pun cap la cap intr-o zi! Wow…pai si mai am multe zile daca ma gandesc bine…din astea…mai adun cateva din copilarie! 🙂

Cine m-a facut om mare? Si nu m-a intrebat!?


1.Pai mama, frumoasa mea blonda cu ochii dulci si piele fina, de ma face geloasa. Mama asta m-a facut om mare! Omul asta minunat cu sufletu’ cat galaxia! Si stii ceva? Multumesc mama…m-ai facut OM mare!

2.Alti oameni mari. Poate cu greu, sau cu usurinta,…dar m-ati facut OM mare! Prieteni frumosi, am crescut cot la cot, familie…cata libertate si fericire am primit de la voi, bunica cu vorbele ei dulci, tata cu lacrimi de bucurie in ochi cand se uita la mine, pana si profa de bio din facultate, tipa de la salon si colegele din liceu….toti!

3.Eu! Pai eu singura…chiar da!

Asa ca: Sunt un OM mare, un om mare cu amintiri bogate si suflet de copil. Nu sunt suparata ca am crescut…am crescut frumos! Nu am crescut cu tableta in mana si nici cu vacante in Bali, am crescut jucand fotbal si am invatat ce insemna sa ai prieteni, parinti, frati. Am impartit, am adunat, am oferit si am primit! Am primit: astazi sunt un OM mare! Si vreau sa fiu…OM!

Cine iese la joaca? 🙂

EN: Exactly how the song says “Who made me  Big human? Didn’t ask me…”

I wanna know WHY? WHY I am big? Maybe I don’t want to be, I really don’t want to be! I know that you can’t put pause in life and live the same moments all over again, but how I do to go back just a little little bit?

Come on God, just a day, a day …I want just a day to run barefooted in the grass, to fall down from the old tree I used to have in my garden, and to get that little kiss from my mom when I come back home full of mud. I wanna go with my friends to steal cherries and drink milk with foam. Please, I don’t ask so much just a day, what is a day for you?….

But: Wait a second, a few days ago I walked barefooted in the park (these people from Bucharest looked a little weird), and some time ago I wanted to be a monkey and I fell like a silly girl from that tree (I don’t remember what I wanted to do or demonstrate), this weekend I was at my grandmother (she took some milk with foam from the kith especially for us), and also I eat some cherries somewhere in Focsani, I didn’t stole them but they were stolen 🙂

So, I don’t know how but I gather moments…and I put them all into a day! WOW…and I have some more days to go…I am sure I will make some childhood days 😛

Who made me  Big human? And didn’t ask me!?

1.Well, my mom. That blonde lady with sweet eyes and soft skin(I am jealous). This mom made me big HUMAN!  This amazing person with the soul big as the galaxy, this mom made me HUMAN, and I thank her for that!

2.Other big humans. Maybe easy or hard but you made me big. My friends, we raised together, my family witch gave me  so much freedom, my grandmother with her sweet words, my father who cries when he see me, even my university biology teacher, that girl from the salon and high school colleagues…all of you!

3.Me! Yes I do that also…ME!

Well: I am a Big HUMAN, with so much memories and child soul. I am not mad I am big now, I am proud because I grew nice! I wasn’t raised with a tablet in my hands and trips in Bali, I grew playing football and I learned what it means to have friends and family. I shared, I collected, I offered, I received. I received: Today I am a Big HUMAN! And I want to be… HUMAN!

Who goes out for playing?

With love,



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