“Dear me…”


Week blogger promp, got me into thinking. “Write a letter  to yourself that you hope to read in the future..” So here I am!

Dear me…

How can I start this? How can I say something? Well I will try my best, as I hope you did also. How are you? Are you still fighting for every little thing and get crazy when the fighting is for nothing? Yes I am sure you still do that, older me! I really hope that me now and me then are the same with little more brain, and less sad times. I hope you are as me: young in mind and soul, glad to be living this amazing life, alive, fair and in love! Yes please be in love! 🙂

Also I hope you changed a bit!   You changed yourself in some ways, you listen more, you have more patience, you choose to work things out easily, you are smarter, yes I know you are smarter! I know in a lot of ways you are the same as me. I know you still drink coffee with the same desire, I know you still miss someone, I know you still remember someone, you still love with all you have inside, I know you still smile in bad days and cry in good ones. I am sure you run also to people and make them feel proud to have you, I know you have more heels than I have, more money and people around. I can swear you read nice things and fall asleep on movies, eat chocolate and strawberries, like snow and woods, love family days and be there for your friends. You still smoke? you still cook and get kisses as reward? you still love with the same intensity I am? I hope yes…I pray for that!

Dear me… don’t think to much…rest a bit, live, be happy, give feelings and take back emotions. I trust you so much and I know you will do the best for ME. When you are mad, be mad…when you are happy…be fucking happy, when you feel bad or good or proud or disappointed, or another million emotions…remember I am there with you. I will work for us, I will do my best, I will not disappoint you, I am there!

Dear me …trust me!

With love,


10 thoughts on ““Dear me…”

  1. Excellent “Dear Me!” I believe you have moved forward in your thinking, and hopefully, passages such as this are being heard inside your head everyday. Honesty with Self is so important. Having your own back is key. Be You!


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