Bitter sweet!

Can you read my lips when I am talking with you? Do I say the truth? Can you look into my eyes and take it? I am that person! I am the one you will leave and go, because you can’t do or be more. I am a “all in” person! I don’t leave feelings behind, I take them with me. I am not scared or empty, I don’t quit! You can run…I let you! Don’t be mad, don’t be sad…things are not always bad or good, I will understand, I will forgive you, I will be your memory and dream, but I will be happy. I will do it, for me for others, again and again. I will be the same. You know why? Because I am a “all in”. And when I go, I go with all. That’s me! I am that person!IMG_20160427_230404

I told today to someone that every little thing has a reason. Does not matter you don’t like it, or you do, every experience comes with a reason. Also today I realised that people will come and people will go. You can’t stop them, but you can make their’s  “visit” nicer. And when is the time they will need to go, you will smile and let them go. Bitter sweet is the name of that smile, and that feeling!

With love,



5 thoughts on “Bitter sweet!

  1. Wow, I can completely relate to being an “all in” type of person. One of my blog posts “Don’t Waste Your Time or Your Heart” talks about this more in-depth. Thanks for sharing this beautiful advice, hope you like my work as well. xoxo


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