I own a monster!?

I will tell you in this post about “my thing”. This  “my thing” has a name, a name i don’t pronounce good, but a name that gives me immediate smile. What is so special in this? Well I will say every fuckinggg thing!!! But let me be wise and say it the right way,with little words and more feelings…

First: “my thing”is special. How? It is honest, true, insane, proud, fighter, and sensitive. It is all that and more, it is life and crazy stories, it is tuna pizza, Bacardi, long lashes, morning coffee, my phone, blue shirt.

Second: “my thing” is smart. Why? Because it makes me talk, open, say more than I usualy do. It makes me ask, even I am not like this. It makes me want, not because I need to. It makes me mad, crazy, good, obsessed, weird, better, positive, strong, kid, woman, smart ass, mature, it makes me a storm. It makes me weak but actually stronger.

Third: “my thing” is a man. Yes! A man that i can say i respect and want. A man you don’t find in a coffee shop and you like it after on Facebook. A man you think, when he is not close and a man you date with, when he is far(exactly!). A man that DO and also SAY. A man you don’t have to question of, he gives you answers. A man that is… a real man.

Well, after I eat my strawberries, I am sure I will want more! Monsters usually  have that in theirs pockets!… Right?


With Love,




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