About my soul,about your soul!?

I was raised as a independent mind. My parents gived me basic education(powerfull one), basic information, basic play list of how can you be a good human. They made me feel real loved, ohhh so much loved. But the most important thing, they gived me is freedom, actualy they learned me how to fly. My father used to call me ”my little angel” (still doing it) and take me to forest to learn me what freedom is about and how it feels. He learned me how to be a warrior, strong and brave.

As I growed up, my power becamed my salvation. I was never afraid. I knew that fear is not real. And even when I was in bad situations my selfconfidence told me ”I can!”.

After many years I am still the same. The same Ioana, but in a different way. This Ioana has a new salvation, something that is eaven more important. This Ioana has a soul! I know, you have one too. But what that meens?

It means that you make everything you do with love and respect. You make people happy, you make yourself happy. It means that even when you are down, nothing can hold you there. You make people feel good, you give them smiles and good vibes. You are gold for some people, heroin for someone and desire for others. You can be whatever you want! It seems like you…You have a soul also!

We are the same! We both have a soul! Me and you are exacly the same! But my dear reader, we are so different! I am Romanian, maybe you are American. I like dark spaces, maybe you are scared of that. I like to drink wine, maybe you like beer. I hate lies, maybe you like to lie. I am scared of clear water but maybe you are a good swimmer.

What I want to says is that we are so different, but we both have soul. I know that you also love someone, I know that you also feel unloved sometimes. I know a lot of things about you! Maybe you don’t know a lot of things about yourself but you will, one day you will.

Give your soul, power! Help it! Don’t cut your own wings. Let your father to learn you how to be a warrior, or you show him how he can be one. Let people into your heart, there is nothing to be scared of. Let bad days come, they will have to go also after a time. Let your brain to do his job, you have it, don’t be mad when he is wrong. Let your body be seen, skin touch is a life memory. Open your eyes and see. You have arms, let them hug. And when you kiss her/him, give power to your soul to feel it!

Do it! You have the power for everything! You have soul for everyone. Life is about emotion, life is you!

P.S. Play the song from comm. 🙂

With love,




2 thoughts on “About my soul,about your soul!?

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