Let’s listen

What about my title ?

I’ve decided to make a post about listening. Why? Just because I realized how important it is to really listen. Life is usually such a nice place, but we like to complicate it. Why? I really don’t have a clue!

Butttt….I discovered that you can make you existence more nice and prosper by listening to people. We live by fast moving and sometimes it feels like one week is just a day. You meet a friend for dinner and when you got home, you realize you don’t remember a word. Why? Because you are thinking maybe on other things, maybe you don’t care, maybe you get bored, maybe your friend usually is that kind of human that talks and talks with no direction and end.

Your brain is selective, you know that? It is also unique. That means mine may be more selective than yours or the other way around. He select only information that is interesting for him, or can be. The rest of it is 0. Yepp…he is a smart-ass!

It is a good thing sometimes, but not always. Because emotional, you need to be able to have interest on someone to create a connection. Will be a little hard if your brain is not finding something interesting. So to train your brain and give him power for good, you need to be more careful and try to accumulate all king of info.

To create a relation with people you need to listen them. Is important to really be there!

So next time when you talk with your mom, try to be there, to hear and not just that… what she is telling you. Time is build to be used wise, not consumed with no purpose. Maybe you will see the results, not maybe but for sure, and you will feel proud that people can really talk to you, and you can really listen to them. And next time when your mom will tell you ”i told you about that” you will no longer say ”no you didn’t” bacause you will remember exactly that moment.

Live…don’t dream about Fast and furious! Is not really that cool (just the movie, yeeaahh nice movie). Emotion is something very important and also to have emotions you need to know people, and to know them …you need to listen them.

Take a glass of wine and reflect about it! Chose to make your life better! 🙂

With love,



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